by fatima mohamed on Suja Driving School

Chris has been a great instructor, always patient and made the lessons enjoyable. I've had 2 instructors before and he's taught me more in a short amount of time than since I first started learning. Thank you so much for all your effort in making me a safer driver.

by Sabiha on Suja Driving School
Best driving school in Greater Manchester

With uni and then work commitments I couldn't find an instructor who would be able to accommodate my time, being forced to do lessons once a week or lessons when they weren't convenient for me, but this all changed, when I found Mike, he is the best instructor. Whenever I needed a lesson he was there, he would work around me times, be it from 7pm-9pm or even 6am-8am which is what I needed. Our lessons were amazing, he is a brilliant teacher, he was so patient, so kind, so understanding, our lessons were filled with laughter, we had so much fun together, that driving wasn't only a lesson, it was a chance for me to meet someone who had become a good friend of mine. With all his hard work, patience, understanding, I passed and that too in my first attempt! I can't thank Mike enough! He has been the best instructor I have ever had and I have had around 6 and as happy as I am to have passed my driving I am actually sad to be leaving him. Thank you so much!

by Abdullah Dar on Suja Driving School
Passed 1st try

Faisal was a really honest and calm person when teaching me, definitely recommend!

by Kasia on Suja Driving School
Thank you!

Thank you very much Suja Driving School! Especially thanks to Ali! You have always had time for me, even when I booked my test last minute. You always put your learners on a first place that is what makes you the best company in Manchester. You made me a good and safe driver. I will always recommend you to my friends & family.

by Mathilda on Suja Driving School

A huge thank you to Suja Drivig school for the cheap prices and amazing service.
Today I passed my driving test and I couldn’t be more happier.I want to recommend my instructor Kamran to everyone that needs a patient and awesome instructor. In just four months he taught me what others couldn’t in 6!! I was really terrible and I didn’t have any confidence while driving but guys he helped through my fears and with a lot of patience
I was able to become a confident driver.If you want to pass your license ask about Kamran ! You can’t fail with him!!

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