Learning how to drive is a thrilling experience, but it is natural to feel a little nervous the first time you get behind the wheel. Some people also feel much more comfortable being educated by a female driving instructor, and if you feel the same way, it is well worth booking a lesson with us.

When it comes to choosing a female driving instructor in Manchester, Suja Driving School has the best female driving instructors who have the experience, patience and professionalism you would expect.

In just a short time you will be ready to pass your all-important driving test, and we know you are going to enjoy your driving lessons withthe best female driving instructors in Manchester.

Our team, regardless of being male or female driving instructors in Manchester have the skills, experience and ability to help you pass, and we will help you pass your test first time.

What will I learn?

A good and conscious driver is receptive and upholds safety precautions while driving. Thus, your Driving Instructor will educate you on everything you need to know to become a safe and responsible driver. Needless to say, driving safely is the only way you will pass your driving test, so let’s see what you need to do to become a safe and responsible driver.

Being in control is everything when you’re on the driving seat, even when parked up. Your instructor will train you about all the essentials on how to control the car in a range of driving situations. For instance, from moving off safely to driving over roundabouts and so on.

Your instructor will help you to learn the rules of the road, apply the rules correctly, spot and interpret signs, deal safely with hazards and concentrate for the whole time of your driving test.

Why should I learn with Suja?

For a simple reason: To be able to convince the driving examiner you are a safe driver worthy of holding a full driving licence, and Suja will prepare you for that. Your life is going to change forever. You might think there are other female driving schools in Manchester, but none that has been “Best Rated” for three consecutive years in Manchester.

We know for a fact that our Female driving instructors are the best in the Greater Manchester area, and you will do very well by choosing our professional driving instructors. We would be delighted to help you learn to drive and we look forward to helping you take the journey towards becoming a full licence holder.