Intensive Driving Courses in Manchester

Why take months to pass your driving test in Manchester, when with Suja Driving School’s intensive driving courses, you can be on the roads of and beyond in a matter of weeks, or even days.

We are one of the cheapest of options for intensive driving lessons in Manchester and we do know that we’re way up there among the very best. We are also rated the best rated driving school in Manchester

We are hugely proud of the quality of our fast pass courses, and with 87% of our pupils getting their license at the first time of asking, we are well above the UK average of just 47.5%. Our fast pass driving lessons are given by friendly and patient instructors of the highest calibre, all of whom are fully DVSA qualified and CRB/DBS checked.


Time And Cost Effective

Depending on how often you have Intensive driving lessons Manchster, passing your test can take months or even years. Intensive driving courses Manchester compress this amount of time into a much shorter period, meaning that you can gain independence from public transports, taxis and lifts as quickly as possible.

Rebuilding Confidence

Our crash courses Manchester are the perfect way of rebuilding your confidence and getting back at the wheel after failing your driving test.

No Catching Up

If you have a week or longer between normal lessons, it can take a good few minutes to re-familiarise yourself with the workings of a car. Fast pass courses Manchester eliminate this and ensure that you are as comfortable with being in the driving seat as possible when it comes to test day.

Concentration Levels

Related to the above point, it’s only natural to wind down a little towards the end of a lesson. Lengthier lessons mean that your concentration levels will peak for longer, enabling you to take in more and making each session more efficient.

We have intensive driving courses for learners of all ability levels in Manchester. From just 5 hours over a couple of days for more experienced pupils, up to 45 hour courses for absolute beginners who are eager to get on the roads quickly.

Our cars are all modern dual control vehicles with power steering and air conditioning, to make your lessons with us as comfortable as possible.

Covering the whole of the city, Suja Driving School is one of Manchester’s fastest growing independent providers and best rated in Manchester of driving tuition. For the ultimate convenience, we can even pick you up and drop you off anywhere near you, whether it be at work, college or home.